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+ Pink Heart
+ Purple and Gold watch
+ White Rabbit Watch brooch
+ Butterfly fairy watch brooch
+ Mad Hatter watch brooch
+ Steampunk parisian fairy necklace
+ Steampunk Lady of Shalott necklace
+ Steampunk time piece necklace

+ Raindrops
+ Deco Purple
+ Looking Glass
+ Pink Star
+ Stars Tale
+ Evening Star
+ Shooting Star
+ Butterfly Lullaby
+ Summer Sorbet
+ Night Fairies
+ Crystal Skull
+ Princess Bride


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Jewellery tips

Here are a few tips and a bit of information about the components used in my work. Further information can be found via books or the internet.

Do not get any of these pieces wet.
When not being worn ,any piece that has any kind of metal component(this does not include display pieces like slide pendants) should be carefully coiled and placed into the grip seal bag provided.

Sterling Silver(necklaces,bracelets)

Sterling silver is one of the strongest and most popular of metals, but can tarnish.
Sterling silver is an alloy of silver - 92.5% silver mixed with another metal like copper. Components, referred to as 'findings', are things like eyepins and clasps used to make up some pieces.

These pieces are best kept away from things like hairspray, perfume and direct heat like a radiator. It can also tarnish when left in the open air (I found this out the expensive way).

Sterling silver is at its best when it is being worn, as the oils in the skin help to prevent tarnishing.W hen not in use, please store your sterling silver piece in the air tight bag provided

Charms/other metals

I mainly use pewter charms which tarnish more slowly than sterling silver. Other metal charms used could be made of Bali/Tibetan silver or an unknown metal. Pieces using charms are best kept in the airtight bag provided when not being worn.

Silver plate is a low quality metal covered with a thin layer of silver, this will tarnish over time. Any findings used are plain metal, not sterling silver

Soldering(hanging/display pieces)
Some pieces have been created using a soldering technique. These pieces have used copper foil tape with an adhesive backing and (lead free) solder. Due to most of my soldered items being display pieces, they have been treated with jade oil and then covered in a metal lacquer. Both these processes will prevent tarnishing but tarnishing will occur over time. Any findings used are plain metal, not sterling silver.

Optometrist lenses

I'm sorry to say that as the lens frames are genuine and very old, there is no way I can determine what they are made of. Due to their age, they may have scratches on the glass and there may be a small amount of rust on the frame. So far, baring their age in mind, the lenses have been in very good condition and any major faults will be pointed out. Due to the unknown metal of the frame, I have added a bail made out of plain metal, instead of sterling silver, but be assured that the necklace that accompanies it is sterling silver. Due to the sterling silver necklace, please keep this piece in the airtight bag provided when not being worn.

Rubber stamps

Any rubber stamps used have been bought from 'angel' companies, i.e. the company allow the stamps to be used for commercial gain.

Any artistic pictures used are from copyright free books or vintage postcards.


Swarovski was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski and his brother-in-law, Franz Weis, when they developed glass cutting techniques, leading to this historically decorative crystal.